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Presto Tesco!

When Clarke replaced Sir Terry Leahy in 2011 it triggered the biggest leadership change at the retailer in almost a generation. Three years on, the Tesco lifer, with 40 years’ experience under his belt, is the last man standing from the Leahy era and the sole executive director on a board where once there were eight.

The scale of the management clearout means that he will have no one left to blame for Tesco’s ongoing woes. In an entry posted 13 March 2014 Pinkers Post commented: “Tesco is clearly in trouble and it will probably take years to turn round this supertanker. Facing a battle on both the national and international front, this will be no mean feat. Furthermore, it appears the British have simply fallen out of love with Tesco. It’s just out of fashion. Pinkers suggest they hire Saatchi & Co to overhaul the brand… perhaps “Tesco is working…again”?”

The solution to the problem is surprisingly simple: Mr Clarke is all about the ‘old’ Tesco; he even lived (or still does?) in the same village north of London on the same street as his famous predecessor. Let’s face it…The management clearout hasn’t gone far enough and the only way to salvage this operation is for the CEO to give himself the sack! PRESTO!