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Rotten Apple?

Lately, I’m finding that the Apple doesn’t taste as sweet as it used to. Two recent updates to its mobile and desktop operating systems have not exactly gone smoothly. I have found myself returning one device and engaged in lengthy phone calls about the other.

Given IT has occupied much of my life for the last 20 plus years I should really know better and I fully admit to being partly responsible for my situation by being an ‘early adopter’. However, after purchasing a new iPhone 6, it followed that I would have to update my iMac with Yosemite in order to take full advantage of all the lovely newness the marriage would afford.

And, without question, a lot of it is great. Sharing webpages, pictures etc. between devices is now a breeze. But one issue remains: The inability to attach a file with ease, other than a video or photo, in the course of composing or replying to an email on your iPad or iPhone, and you could be forgiven for not knowing that exists!

Long press in the body of the email and press that little arrow. Paperclip anyone?

I find it incredible that after 8 iterations of iOS this still isn’t possible without performing app gymnastics. Dropbox at least comes to the rescue by letting you copy a link to paste and other third party apps are no doubt in the process of adding similar functionality.

Android and Windows readers will be laughing merrily.

© Pat Wilson:

Ubola: The deadly virus is spreading!

The difference between Ukip and Ebola? Merely a single letter. Watch out: The deadly virus is spreading and well on course to mutate into the airborne variety!

Yet another Tory MP has been infected and according to the Sunday Times, 25 victims in protective suits will soon be sitting in the Houses of Parliament!

Life will never be the same again. Mass hysteria is spreading rapidly! Without a shred of a doubt, this virus is the most deadly in human history… . Yes, of course. And so, by the way, was the Millennium Bug, SARS, the foot-and-mouth disease and, more recently, Alex Salmond and his ill-fated plan for Scottish independence.

However, very strange, indeed, that none of them ever quite fulfilled their doom-laden predictions. Still, at least the continuous and utterly reliable flow of apocalyptic predictions certainly help to keep the 24 hour rolling-news channels well-oiled, ensuring happy entertainment around the clock for all of us!

© David Morris