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The dazzling Duchess is dead: Long live the diva!

The Duchess of Alba is dead. The world will be a poorer and, indeed, much duller place without her.

The flamboyant Spanish aristocrat who boasted an unmatched collection of titles and fabulous wealth, was a descendent of King James II and distantly related to Winston Churchill and Diana, Princess of Wales. Had the the Scottish referendum ended differently, her connection to the Stuart dynasty would have given her a claim to the Scottish throne. She also was a childhood friend of our Queen and, according to anecdotal evidence, the only person HRM Elizabeth II ever curtsied to.

Her colourful love life made her a staple of the gossip columns until her death. The dazzling Duchess had no equal. She was the true reigning Queen of Spain, Sophia trailing in her shadow.

Pinkers Post pays tribute to the last true diva with a performance by her only match: Liberace! Watch NOW on Pinkers TV: The dazzling Duchess is dead. Long live the diva!