Vix without fear!

It simply defies belief that geopolitical risk has been ignored for so long. The world is a tinderbox but investors don’t seem to care. This is reflected in the VIX index trading at record lows. The champagne has now been flowing for 5 years and the hangover will be a bad one… . It is not a question of if but only when the music will stop. Sentiment has a tendency to turn when investors are least prepared, especially when suspended in a state of intoxication. A game of ‘Musical Chairs’ with a bit of ‘Russian Roulette’ thrown in for free.

Earlier this year, Pinkers Post launched Naked Greed!, a regular column “celebrating the ludicrously undervalued, offering silly yields with great capital growth potential.” Anticipating a severe correction, a follow-up was promised, soon … Pinkers still hasn’t delivered. How sad is that?